10 Kids’ Halloween Costumes That Are Just. So. Wrong.

Published October 27, 2010
Last modified October 27, 2010

Cute little witches tripping over their long skirts? Tiny firemen and superheroes ringing your bell in search of candy?  Not this Halloween, if the children’s costumes offered online are any indication. We’ve rounded up this year’s costumes that are frightening for all the wrong reasons. The really scary thing? Someone out there is buying these.

Halloween costume This little girl’s costume is called “I Like To Bite!” The tattoo is included, but you’ll need to purchase the pack of smokes and the flask separately.

Attention costume manufacturers: Taking the adult “Sexy Cat” outfit and dyeing it pink still does not make it age-appropriate.

I have a friend who served our country in the Army for several years, including a tour of duty in Iraq. I don’t think she was issued the sweet spiked belt and collar or the hot boots like “Major Flirt” here, so I’m going to write my congressperson on her behalf.

Kids Halloween costume

This is the girls’ Gothic Ballerina costume. Gothic ballets apparently do not require toe shoes, but fishnet stockings are a key plot point.

This costume’s one redeeming value: He can collect trash along the sidewalk while the other kids trick or treat.

Video game Halloween costume

Video game character or trippy psychedelic mushroom? Either way, what’s with the shoes?

Halloween costume

It’s bad enough when your kid wets the bed. Let’s just hope your Junior Mobster isn’t sending any messages to his little sister by leaving severed teddy bear heads on her pillow.

Toilet Halloween costume

This kid is soooo going to regret this picture when he’s trying to run for office someday. Or, when he’s trying to get a date.

Perfect for the littlest Jersey Shore wanna-bes! Who *isn’t* looking forward to passing out candy to Li’l The Situation and Tiny Snookie?