9 new integrations that will change your life forever

Published April 24, 2014
Last modified April 24, 2014

OK, maybe that's an exaggeration. But these integrations will help you give better customer service. Check out the apps marketplace to see them all.

CT EaziPopper
CT EaziPopper is the result of a collaboration between Zendesk, Cisco, and CT Solutions. This is an "out-of-the-box" offering that integrates Zendesk with Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD), giving you the ability to manage incoming calls via CAD and trigger a screen pop of the customer's profile or open new tickets tickets in Zendesk. No hefty custom development work required to get this setup; just install the EaziPopper and away you go!

Import2 is the leading provider of automated data migrations for cloud services. With Import2 for Zendesk, easily migrate all your content from your existing help desk to jump start your new Zendesk account. Move your data from other tools such as, Kayako, and Tender, and save yourself hours of the hassle of moving the data manually.

Woopra is an analytics platform that helps you get to know your customers better. With one line of code on your site, easily see what pages your customers are viewing, where they are from, and what they are doing on your site. With the Zendesk integration, you can navigate your website visitors’ activity on your site when answering Zendesk tickets, giving you a quicker understanding of what problems they might be experiencing on your site.

Tasktop Sync
Tasktop Sync provides fully automated, enterprise-scale integration between Zendesk and any of the tools used by your development organization. Bi-directionally sync data between products such as VersionOne, Rally, HP Quality Center, Microsoft TFS, and more. Make sure your customer support team is up to date as to what’s going on with an issue that has been escalated to your development team by keeping the issues in both tools in sync, so no one is left wondering about the status of an issue.

IT Asset Management by Oomnitza
IT Asset Management by Oomnitza is a great tool to help you keep the IT assets within your organization managed and accounted for. With the Zendesk integration, track an asset against a Zendesk ticket to give your team quick and easy access to important information to get their jobs done faster. View, search, and configure Oomnitza to track your assets according to how your business runs.

Attachment Viewer
The Attachment Viewer is a helpful tool, built using’s file sharing and collaboration platform. The Attachment Viewer app gives you the ability to preview the attachments on your tickets whether they be a Microsoft Word doc, a PDF, or even a Powerpoint presentation.

Change Manager by Myndbend
The Myndbend Change Manager gives you a quick and easy way to follow best practices in change management. The app allows for you to plan, assign, track and report every step of the way through a change request and can even put them through an approval process.

Infobip SMS
Infobip SMS notification service for Zendesk joins the ranks of companies that can help you send SMS messages and notify your agents and customers. Easily connect to Infobip’s vast network to send SMS messages anywhere in the world and keep your customers informed via one of the most popular channels: SMS.

Nordisk E-handel
Nordisk E-handel is a complete e-commerce solution for you business. With the new Nordisk E-handel for Zendesk app, you can retrieve information from your online store and display this directly on a Zendesk ticket. Have a customer’s personal address, order information, delivery address, activities, even track how much time you’ve spent on them or on a service contract. Give your agents access to the information they need to better serve your customers.

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