Add Simple SMS to Your Ticket Workflow With Twilio

Published April 9, 2010
Last modified April 9, 2010

Delivering Twilio timely information to the right support agents keep your support machine running smoothly and your customers happy.  Now you can receive text messages to your mobile phone via Twilio's new SMS API using our new Twilio target.  Zendesk administrators can combine triggers with the Twilio target to build powerful ticketing workflows that will deliver important updates, as they happen, to the right personnel.  Configure Zendesk to deliver urgent ticket notifications to support staff on-the-go or combine custom ticket field and tag criteria to alert users of specific events as they happen in your help desk.

Visit Twilio to learn more about leveraging Twilio's powerful cloud communications platform in your support organization. The Twilio target is already available in your Zendesk.