Advocate spotlight: customer satisfaction ratings

Published June 29, 2012
Last modified June 29, 2012

Ask customer support reps what they hate the most and the answer will almost definitely be customer satisfaction ratings. Because what usually happens when a company starts collecting customer satisfaction ratings? The squeaky wheel gets the grease; loud, irate customers get managerial attention and ultimately make the rep look bad.

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to be that way! The whole point of collecting this data is to learn and improve.

At Zendesk, we absolutely learn from our few bad satisfaction ratings (Especially the ones with comments. Hint.) They really do help dictate our behavior and our processes. But what’s really fantastic is that the Zendesk support team learns from our good satisfaction ratings too. In fact, our team is given the opportunity to holler about our best satisfaction ratings to the whole company at our monthly Town Halls.

Throughout the month, our advocates are encouraged to keep an eye out for those customer stories that really shine brightly. Maybe the problem was a tough workaround or  a rep found a way to go above and beyond. Whatever it is, we collect a few and someone from the team gets to present the stories to the entire company. Doing this is good for morale but it also helps everyone from engineers working on feature requests to event marketers planning meet-ups to always be focused on the customer.

Imagine how empowered you would feel if you got to share your good work with everyone in your organization. When light is shed on the fun and successful support stories, customer satisfaction ratings become something customer supports reps can actually look forward to.