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Published February 17, 2015
Last modified February 17, 2015

WHO YOU ARE: An expanding business

They’re called growing pains for a reason.

Growth is exciting, but it’s also hard. Whether you’re growing in step with your customer base or expanding into new regions or markets, rolling out a new brand, product line, or service plan, growth can be both messy and expensive—costly in terms of actual spend, but also because you’re bound to make a mistake or two. In fact, sometimes scaling is equal parts strategy, and trial and error. But once you figure it out, you’re on the road to becoming one of the big guns.


Actually, you might already be one of the big guns. While startups or smaller companies grow in leaps and bounds, virtually every company—and certainly every customer service team—knows that the only constant is change. At a certain point you’ve built a large and robust support team, and your charge is to expand their scope, without a much bigger budget, all the while maintaining the same excellent service standards. With each expansion, your challenge is to keep agents from crossing each other and duplicating work, and to figure out what else you can automate, without losing that personal touch your customers have come to count on.


The good news is that there is a wealth of apps and integrations that work alongside Zendesk to help make customer service fit at any size or stage of growth. Instead of adding one more system, these tools work with Zendesk to surface efficiencies and help agents be more productive.

Check out these apps for:

Agent guidance
While agent scripting sounds a little robotic, the reality is that sometimes you need your support team to follow a process, and to ensure they don’t forget anything. There’s a happy medium between scripted and pure improv, and Jacada, Yonyx, or Zingtree will help you find the right workflow to guide your team.

Real-time collaboration
Is your team already using one of these collaboration platforms? Yes? Great. But are they using them with Zendesk? Slack and Flowdock both offer real-time messaging, archiving and search for your team, all centralized into one place. Integrated with Zendesk, you can easily make tickets visible to the whole team so that you can quickly collaborate on those hard-to-answer questions.

Funneling feature requests to your product team
How about an easy way to funnel product feature requests over from support to your product team? Aha! lets you do just that. This integration enables agents to turn convert customer requests submitted through Zendesk to ideas in Aha! The ideas can then be reviewed and prioritized on the roadmap. Meanwhile, when the status of an idea changes in Aha!, it’s automatically highlighted in Zendesk.

Beautiful dashboarding
We all want beautiful dashboarding tools. (Don’t we?) Whether you use Ducksboard, Leftronic, or Cyfe, there is a way to customize and create the dashboard of your dreams. (Or, if not yours, then of your management team’s dreams.)

Managing service level agreements
Made possible by the Zendesk apps architecture and API, CloudSET enables you to easily access, provision, and update CloudSET extension capabilities within Zendesk. The app allows you to build enterprise class solutions for a much lower cost, with customizations that have nearly all the properties and benefits of a native configuration.

Personalizing service at scale
You can build Zendesk to function as your CRM, or you can connect Zendesk with CRMs like Salesforce or Sugar to leverage all the customer data your company is collecting. With two-way integration, you can pull customer data into Zendesk, and ticket data into your CRM of choice.

There are also user profile apps like Synata, Woopra, Intercom, Preact, and Totango Insights that allow you to aggregate and search across other systems—since you’re probably gathering data from multiple sources—and see more about your customers’ health and activity.

Building out your self-service
Deflecting tickets by creating a more intuitive customer experience is generally high on a customer service org’s wishlist. ScreenSteps is a great apps to help with authoring and editing knowledge base content, while Inbenta and Swiftype help integrate powerful, customizable searches on your Help Center. If you don’t have a Help Center, AnswerDash makes it easy to turn any Zendesk ticket into contextual self-service Q&A’s that integrate right into any page on your website.

Meeting customer expectations
As you grow, providing more support—either by expanding globally, or by opening more channels—is always a challenge. Zendesk Embeddables is one way to embed support directly into any native experience. Apps like Transfluent and Unbabel can help with multilingual support. And Zendesk provides the flexibility you need to work with telephony providers like Genesys, Five9, inContact, 8x8, RingCentral, and cloud contact center platforms.

Boosting team morale
How do you incentivize a large team spread thin? Dunwello and Kudos are two great options for allowing your team member to recognize each other, right from within Zendesk. (Also, because we think these Zendesk apps are super awesome, check out the Chuck Norris and Cheerleader apps. (C’mon, with names like that, you know you want to.)

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