Kickstart the school year with these smart apps and integrations

Published August 31, 2015
Last modified August 31, 2015

The kids are heading back to school and the rest of us are gearing up for fall. From A(gentbot) to Z(CC), these snazzy apps are worth a look. While we grab a cup of cider and settle in to watch the leaves change, let’s review the apps and integrations introduced this August.

The Zendesk Xero App gives Zendesk agents instant access to your customers' current account status in Xero Online. If the app by Cloud Elements can find a user in Xero, the app will return information from the user’s Xero Online Account profile automatically. You can configure the app to display contact information, transactions, invoices, and payments from Xero.

Netsuite Connector
The Netsuite Connector app is brought to us by Celigo and provides a bi-directional integration between Netsuite and Zendesk. The app allows you to sync data from Netsuite about customers, contacts, financials, and more. The app is also fully customizable, so it only displays what you want to see about your customers in Netsuite.

SLA-M Dashboard
SLA-M Dashboard builds on top of the existing Zendesk SLA feature to deliver time-segmented, aggregated lists of tickets. With the ability to dynamically filter the tickets, you can easily make more informed decisions about "which tickets do we do next?" to better reach your SLA goals.

With Transifex, a localization automation platform, you can store all of your translatable content in one, central location and automate the synchronization of content with translations. With one click, Transifex can detect and load all of your Help Center content into Transifex. There you can order translations from a variety of translation providers, crowdsource, or provide your own translations.

Yesware helps salespeople sell smarter. The app gives them access to crucial information about customers right from their Gmail or Outlook inbox. By leveraging the Zendesk for Salesforce integration, Yesware users can can view and edit Zendesk tickets in Salesforce directly from Gmail and Outlook.

AgentBot is an automated, virtual agent solution that allows you to interact with your customers across multiple channels at any time. Using an intelligent, natural-language engine, AgentBot can interpret user questions and give users the best answer. With the Zendesk integration, the app creates forms and uses them as a complement to your answers and gathers clients’ information. It can also create new tickets or make follow ups, all in the same automated chat session.

Repeat Macro Warning
Repeat Macro Warning is an app that provides you a friendly message if you try to apply a Zendesk macro to a ticket that has already received the same macro within the last year. The app will prompt you that it's a repeat macro so that you can then choose to edit or delete the updates made by the macro.

SendSafely lets agents send and receive files of any size and type. Files up to 10GB can be added to each ticket and are encrypted for maximum security. Files attached using the SendSafely Zendesk app are uploaded directly to SendSafely, bypassing any file size restrictions associated with your Zendesk plan. A secure link is added automatically to the ticket for users to access the files.

Moxtra Collaboration
Moxtra Collaboration is a collaboration companion that works the way teams do: flexibly and simply. While on Zendesk tickets, you can chat, share documents, kick off a video chat, create to-do lists, and more.

With iorad, you can build step-by-step instructions to fill your Help Center with knowledge content quickly and easily. Just add the iorad app to your Zendesk, launch it, click through what you want to build instructions for, add your steps, and iorad will create an article for your Zendesk Help Center.

By intelligently learning from your previously answered tickets, replygo helps you to respond more quickly and to automatically find the perfect answer for new tickets. The more tickets you answer, the more replygo will learn and better adapt the answers to your needs.
Yoke automatically tracks activity across your various cloud applications. With the Zendesk integration, the total number of Zendesk tickets is shown in the connected view, and includes links to those tickets. Users can leverage instant search to quickly jump to a ticket. Yoke also features machine-learning algorithms that alert agents about tickets that may require immediate attention. Chat Chat makes chat software for growing companies and provides features like skill-based routing, in-depth reporting, customer context, predictive text, and more. Integrate Chat with Zendesk to have a Zendesk ticket created whenever a Chat session is completed.

To add a little color to your Zendesk, try color, a small app that displays useful information about the ticket requester in the ticket sidebar. You can see basic information about the customer’s website, their current ticket count, and links to other requested tickets. Tickets are displayed in reverse chronological order with new tickets first and closed last.

Ticket Analytics
Ticket Analytics is another small app that shows you three pieces of data about a ticket in the sidebar. It shows a relative date when a ticket was created, a relative date when a ticket was last updated, and how many comments are on a ticket.

Plus, new in Zendesk Labs:
Zendesk Labs is a testing ground for some cool experimental tools put together by the Zendesk development community. While they are subject to change and have various levels of support, they do provide some pretty cool features that may someday make it into the marketplace as official apps. Make sure you read over the disclaimer when installing the app!

  • Print Ticket History - a simple app that generates a printable copy of all tickets from a particular requester, tickets the requester has commented on, tickets the requester has been CC’d on, or all of the above.
  • ZCC - adds BCC functionality into Zendesk tickets, allowing an agent to notify email addresses with any selection of ticket comments in a way that's hidden to other ticket participants.
  • Attachment Library - a small app that lets you build a library of attachments and apply them to tickets you are working on.

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