Denver, Austin, Chicago…We’re Coming! (be on the lookout for green capes)

Published May 10, 2012
Last modified May 10, 2012

We love our customers (and potential customers)! We love meeting and getting to know them. We love sharing knowledge and best practices with them. We love eating and drinking with them.

At Zendesk we are constantly trying to find new ways to get out of the office and do the things that we love. Back in March, we came up with a great way to do these things by launching our first ever Customer Service Hero Tour! Along with some great friends of ours from Zappos and Groupon, we rocked the west coast and hit Los Angeles, Seattle, and our hometown of San Francisco.

Hundreds of wonderful companies came out to join us and it really shattered our expectations of what was possible when you put a bunch of passionate, customer focused people in a room together. Personally, I was inspired by tales from the inside of Zappos, enlightened by some of the creative ways people are using Zendesk, appalled by some of the horror stories of “the old ways” that companies used to provide customer service, and amazed that some of my jokes actually led to audible laughter!

So I am beyond excited that we are about to hit the road again! Tour stops this time will bring us to the rugged Rocky Mountains, the always active (and the good way) capital of Texas, and to the home of deep dish pizza and Oprah Winfrey. We’re coming packed with new customer stories, exciting findings from our customer service benchmarks, a best-selling author (check out Micah Solomon’s new book here), and much more. And yes, delicious free drinks will be on the menu.

Learn how you, too, can be a hero to your customers. Join us in Denver, Austin, or Chicago!

You can find out more about the Hero Tour here.