Most people still prefer an actual store

Published February 25, 2014
Last modified February 25, 2014

Despite the convenience of shopping online, 75% of shoppers still prefer the experience of a brick and mortar store. Many people point to things like having instant access to help from store clerks or the ability to touch and try things on as some of the main reasons they'd rather do their shopping offline.

Some online stores are taking cues from their offline counterparts to match (and sometimes surpass) the shopping experience. While you can't try out a pair of glasses on a website, you can——as the above picture illustrates——see what you look like when you're wearing them. And you might not be able to ask a sales clerk questions about the latest camera, but having access to reviews while browsing online would likely be just as helpful.

We examined some of the ways the more savvy online retailers are providing their customers with the benefits of shopping in a store without actually having to go to the store.

A big thanks to Carmine Gallo for working with us on this. You can read more of his thoughts about the lessons online retailers can learn from brick and mortar stores in this Zen Master Q&A.

Why customers still prefer the in-store experience