Brides Like to Talk, But Can You Measure What They Are Saying?

Published November 4, 2010
Last modified November 4, 2010

Interesting interview with Scott Rogers, former director of strategic planning at David's Bridal. He talks with destionationCRM about measuring customer sentiment across all the new and social media channels.

Depending on the channel, the sentiment changes: If it’s a blog, they’re telling friends what’s been happening. If it’s a forum, they’re looking for advice. On Twitter, it’s usually, “I’m going to David’s.” Facebook is all about keeping up with your friends. When you break down the topics, it gets down to the old product-and-service component. It doesn’t necessarily have a lot to do with process and systems and stuff like that. The ultimate goal is to respond, so that it’s pervasive, and to restructure customer service so it can handle that. Brides like to talk, after all, and in my opinion, everyone is an influencer. Everybody matters.

Do you have any experience with VOC (voice-of-the-customer) research? Would you agree with Rogers analysis of the channels?