Broaden your team’s horizons with events

Published June 12, 2013
Last modified June 12, 2013

Building a customer support team that enjoys working together and coming to work every day with enthusiasm requires a creative touch. An exciting way to motivate and encourage your team is to offer opportunities to get involved in other important company initiatives, including travel and outside-the-office activities.

Events are a great way to do this. They often include travel opportunities, and always create settings where your team can learn and network. During events, your team can share expertise and knowledge with other people in the industry. Many times, there are chances to present information or lead a group, then time to hone these skills. Events not only provide occasions to switch up the routine and get out of the office, they offer new learning experiences and the feeling of being involved in the customer service community at large. When all employees sense that they’re a valuable part of the whole and an integral component of the “Big Picture,” your organization will thrive.

At Zendesk, we implemented Zen U., a multi-city, multi-country college of customer happiness. These events feature training sessions that focus on providing great customer service and getting the most out of Zendesk. Perhaps more importantly, they offer the opportunity for our advocates to meet and share knowledge with other customer service professionals.

Another event program employed by Zendesk is called Zendesk User Groups. Zendesk invites passionate users to lead and host user groups all around the world. It’s designed to help Zendesk users share knowledge and ensure they’re using Zendesk to its full potential. Each meeting features a Zendesk customer who discusses their implementation and experience of Zendesk, and an interactive group discussion follows. These user groups provide a great opportunity to share tips and tricks, access new features, network with fellow Zendesk users, and meet members of the Zendesk team.

Among the benefits of the user groups events:

  • Great leadership experience
  • Early access to new Zendesk features
  • Increased customer service expertise
  • Contact with experts and networking
  • Help create agenda for future user groups

Our Advocates love to attend these events and meet the customers they interact with every day. Customers benefit by having access to our best experts. Consider event programs like these to help motivate and support your customer service team. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your team, and it’s a great thing to do for your organization. You’ll see strong results in happy employees and satisfied customers.

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