FedEx logo fetish

By Tiffany Apczynski

Published February 3, 2011
Last modified February 3, 2011

In my eyes, the most eye-catching logo ever designed belongs to FedEx. Since I frequently find it so difficult to take my eyes off of it, I got in touch with FedEx to see if they could provide any additional insights…, taking a page from the blog, Write the Company.

Dear FedExPerts:

Whenever I see the FedEx logo I end up staring aimlessly, and many times even not so aimlessly, at the arrow you cleverly stuck between the E and the x. Is this normal? Do other customers or employees tell you that this very mean optical illusion has them under its spell, too? How many cars crash into the backs of your trucks every year because the driver got sucked into staring at that addicting arrow?

Sometimes my eyes get so affixed to the arrow that I follow your trucks and end up at their next delivery stop instead of my planned destination. What advice do you have for breaking the hypnotizing and mesmerizing side effects caused by FedEx Arrow Addiction Syndrome? Can you send me something cool with a FedEx logo on it so I can force myself to look at it for so long that maybe I’'ll start not to see the arrow anymore?

While I anxiously await your reply, it doesn’t absolutely, positively have to be here overnight, although it would be nice if it were. However, if you’'re trying to cut down on your FedEx bills, feel free to respond by regular mail if you even use it.

FedExpressively yours,

A FedEx Customer Relations Department Representative responded with

Thank you for your letter of June 12, regarding our logo.

FedEx has always tried to be a forward-thinking organization and the incorporation of the “arrow” in our logo proves that we want to remain that way. Thank you for your interest and observations. Should you like to know more about our logo you may go to the internet at:

We hope that you will remember us when the time arises that you need a quality express shipping service. I have enclosed a token of our esteem which I hope you will enjoy and use to assist you with breaking the hypnotizing and mesmerizing effects you have suffered by staring at the FedEx logo.

Final Thoughts

The first interesting thing about this response is that FedEx didn’t even FedEx it. That may be because my return address is a P.O. Box and their shipping label says they cannot deliver to P.O. boxes or P.O. ZIP codes. Yet Customer Relations impressively still delivered by investing $2.24 in First Class Postage.

The link Customer Relations provided leads to a piece called, “The FedEx Logo and its Designer.” In an interview with its creator, Lindon Leader, this fascinating read explains the rationale behind the logo. It’s in a section called “Articles & Texticles.” I’'m hoping it was an article because I prefer not to look at anyone else’s texticles.

If you’'re looking for a forward-thinking express shipping company, point yourself in the direction of FedEx.