Identify and Respond to Trends in Your Community with Forum Analytics

Published November 9, 2011
Last modified November 9, 2011

You monitor, answer and curate your forums into a highly potent source of customer-happiness-inducing wisdom. But is it actually working? Are you truly addressing your customers’ needs? Connecting your effort to results is vital to providing effective customer service. Thankfully, our newly released Forum Analytics helps answer these important questions through key metrics that will take your customer service efficiency to blissful new heights .

As of this morning, Plus+ and Enterprise customers have a new feature enabled in your forum dashboard that provides contextual insight into users’ activity for the past 30 days. Through a combination of graphs and detailed activity, you can judge content effectiveness, spot issues and proactively address problems before they become tickets. These key metrics include:

  • Topics
  • Views
  • Votes
  • Subscriptions
  • Comments

Forums are an extremely efficient way for customers to exchange knowledge with one another and get immediate answers to pressing problems. Creating strong content and publicly displaying answers can significantly reduce the number of tickets your team faces, while producing happier, more engaged customers. Forum Analytics takes it a step further, by providing the hard data necessary to make informed decisions around everything from customer service-resource allocation to product direction and more.

For more information on Forum Analytics, visit our forum post.

Analytics Webinar

Learn how to take your customer service excellence to the next level by combining Forum Analytics with our existing Zendesk Analytics in our live webinar on November 16th, “Turning Data into Action with Zendesk Analytics”.