Get Out the Vote!

Published January 14, 2011
Last modified January 14, 2011

The voting process has begun for Enterprise 2.0, the largest event of its kind for folks looking to leverage collaborative technologies.

Review and vote for our speaking session on How Social Support Can Improve Your Business, where our VP of Product Management, Maksim Ovsyannikov, will give tips on closing the customer loop from sales to support in the enterprise space, using social media.

And don't forget to vote for our panel discussion, Understanding Content: The Heart of Social CRM, where our CEO, Mikkel Svane, joins CEOs from KnowledgeTree, MindTouch, and SugarCRM to talk about the importance of different kinds of data access within a social CRM implementation and how to earn customer trust.

Note: a super cinchy registration proces is required to vote. You can totally handle it though, we just know it.

Photo courtesy of Theresa Thompson.