Sneak preview of new research: the contact center as profit center

Published May 6, 2015
Last modified May 6, 2015

If you work in customer service, you “get it”—of course what you do benefits your business and your bottom line. But ask around outside your own team, and you’ll find that not everyone sees it the same way. Some people (often the people signing the checks) see customer service as a cost center and even a necessary evil. And what’s worse, in some cases, they’re probably right.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this morning’s inspiring keynote session at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo & Conference, Erik Wahl, graffiti artist and bestselling author of UNTHINK, challenged the audience to take risks and challenge conventional wisdom. [See the tweets about Erik’s talk and his on-stage graffiti art by searching the event hashtag on Twitter: #CCExpo2015.]

The conventional wisdom that contact centers are merely cost centers can be disproven, but it may take some work. Earlier in today’s keynote, Justin Robbins offered some help in the form of a new research report coming next month from ICMI (sponsored by Zendesk).

In a sneak preview of the research results, Justin revealed that 62% of contact centers surveyed are perceived by their organizations as cost centers (sad face). The report will dig into the reasons why this perception exists and what you can do to reverse it (hint: one suggestion involves a formal voice of the customer program, which 63% of respondents lacked).

If you can’t wait until June to learn more, we have good news: ICMI is hosting a webinar on May 21 to go over more of the findings.

Register for the webinar today: The Top Three Tips for Becoming a Profit Center