KPI-palooza With GoodData for Zendesk: TTR, RTC, AWT, FRT

One of the biggest benefits of being a Zendesk Plus+ customer is free access to GoodData for Zendesk to measure the performance of your help desk.

Visualizing ticket creation, resolution, backlog and agent performance is valuable, and now you can do the same with average wait times, time to first reply, number of replies and reopens per ticket, and more. Starting today, there is twice as much ticket data in your GoodData for Zendesk projects. See the full list and details here.

For example, you can now track Average Time to Reply (a much better metric than Resolution Time for many of you) and take advantage of some of the new visualization features that we’ve outlined below. You can create a quick dashboard that shows you what you need to know about your responsiveness.

And here we’re combining a Headline, a Sparkline and a Leaderboard to show how GoodData’s own support team is doing so far in 2011. (Don’t be too harsh on Hubert – one of our product managers – support isn’t his day job.)

Detailed instructions on creating metrics with the new ticket data are here.

Learn More With a Live Webinar

Join GoodData for a webinar on February 24 at 10 a.m. PST to see how to use this integration to better understand what’s going on in your Zendesk account, how to view new ticket data (including first reply time, first resolution time, and agent replies), as well as customizing reports about your tickets based on business hours.

* Here’s a handy guide to the metrics in the title:

TTR = Time To Reply

RTC = number of Replies To Close

AWT = Average Wait Time

FRT = First Reply Time

Sam Boonin is vice president of marketing at GoodData.