Tip of the week: link to a saved Twitter search in the new Zendesk

Published October 1, 2012
Last modified October 1, 2012

Saved Twitter Searches in Zendesk allow you to easily keep tabs on relevant topics in the Twittersphere. However, it takes a few mouse clicks to get to your Saved Searches page in the new Zendesk. You can always bookmark it in your browser, but wouldn't it be nice to have a link right there in your new Zendesk agent portal so you can get there in a single click?

Not to worry - we have a solution for you! Using one of our new apps, the sidebar icon, you can add an icon to your Zendesk with a link to any webpage you desire, including a Twitter saved search (or multiple searches, by using multiple icons)! The latest tip of the week shows you how.

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