New addresses, new community initiatives

Published February 23, 2017
Last modified February 23, 2017

Communities all over the world can benefit from a little time, nurture, and care from nearby businesses.

To support the communities in which we operate, Zendesk recently launched a Singapore and Manila chapter of the global Zendesk Neighbor Foundation along with the expansion of our Chat Development Centre in Singapore and our new Customer Experience Hub in Manila.

With the growth of our Singapore office and the opening of a new office in Manila, we continue to deepen our support and relationships with local communities.




Our Singapore and Manila local Zendesk Neighbor Foundation chapters have committed to 1,000 volunteer hours to support local causes including workforce development, technical literacy, and educational/professional development for underserved youth. We have also partnered with Hands on Manila, an organization that works to connect volunteers with various nonprofits.

With the support of Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB), Zendesk’s Asia Pacific Commercial Headquarters now accommodates more than 120 staff. Since our recent office expansion, we continue to seek opportunities to hire engineering talent in Singapore by partnering with local universities and research institutes.

Kiren Kumar, assistant managing director at Singapore's EDB, said, “We hope this partnership will inspire young Singaporeans about the transformational and scalable possibilities in the Digital sector, and support our drive to build an innovation-led economy."

Similarly, our new office in Manila holds over 200 people—a space that is four times bigger than our previous location, and one we hope will contribute to workforce development.



Zendesk’s local community initiatives are part of our cultural core and as we set roots and bloom in Singapore and Manila, we hope to grow alongside our neighbors.

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