Our greatest milestone yet

Published September 12, 2012
Last modified September 12, 2012

From left to right: Founders Morten Primdahl (Chief Technology Officer), Alexander Aghassipour (Chief Product Officer), and Mikkel Svane (Chief Executive Officer)

Today truly sets a new standard for company milestones.

We celebrate our fifth anniversary, $60 million in new financing, and the new Zendesk, the next generation of customer service software, rebuilt from the ground up, with a sleek interface touting a new set of innovative features and a visionary new application framework.

The New Zendesk Is Here
From an engineering, usability, and customer experience standpoint, the new Zendesk is, in every regard, a revolutionary new customer service platform.

Never before has so much time and energy been invested in building intuitive and beautiful software for customer service. The new Zendesk embraces traditional ways of communication, such as phone and email, alongside new social channels and chat, all in the same elegant interface, truly making it possible to deliver customer service in real-time.

We’ve designed a stunning new interface, rebuilt from the bottom up, to be snappier, more responsive, and give customer service agents a more holistic understanding of the customers they are servicing. It brings more context, information, and insight to all of the conversations agents have with their customers. The new Zendesk is built on Ember, the award-winning new framework that’s helping develop the world’s most cutting-edge web applications.

And with the new Zendesk we also announce Zendesk Apps, which is a new and easy way for developers and our customers to build and publish applications on top of the Zendesk platform, helping businesses develop functionality even we haven’t thought about. Alongside Zendesk Apps comes a new set of APIs and a new dedicated developer portal.

We cannot wait to see how new and existing customers embrace the platform and take their customer service to new levels. You can read more about the new Zendesk in our product tour or in the many news articles published today.

$60 Million in Fresh Funding
Today, we're very excited to announce $60 million in new financing. We have some great new investors behind the company and aggressive plans to grow the team, the product, our reach, and our international expansion. Zendesk is already a business that is doing really well. Since our last round of financing in November 2010, we have grown our revenues more than fivefold and today serve more than 20,000 businesses in 140 countries, who in return, service more than 100 million customers around the world.

We know that the only way to customer success is by providing great customer service. This is why companies today are restructuring their business models to be based on customer lifetime-value. The subscription economy and the newfound power of the consumer have changed how businesses need to think about long-term customer relationships. The new Zendesk not only recognizes this, it was built to specifically address this brave new world of doing business.

We as a company and a product are extremely well positioned to help a new generation of companies transform their customer relationships, and with $60 million in fresh capital we are going to make Zendesk the new face of customer service and a globally recognizable brand.

We thank everybody who has embarked on this journey with us. And hope to see you all for our celebration at the Great American Music Hall in the Tenderloin tonight. Tomorrow starts the work for the next five years for Zendesk, but tonight it’s all about the party.