Tip of the week: how to use the new Zendesk security features

Published July 30, 2013
Last modified July 30, 2013

No two businesses are alike, which means that the security requirements for Zendesk customers can vary greatly from company to company. Your organization’s security risk is determined by factors such as how many customers you have, what types of data they share with you, and even your brand recognition.

To meet the varied needs of our customers, we strive to make sure our security is both powerful and flexible. It’s also evolving: Today, we’re unveiling new security features in the areas of authentication, audit controls, and more.

For example, we’re giving you more granular control over authentication by separating the password policies for end users and admins/agents. That way, you can make your Zendesk more secure by enforcing a higher security policy for agents, while still making it easy for your customers to access their open tickets or browse your knowledge base and community forums.

This and all our security updates are designed to give you more options for securely managing your information security risk. If security’s not your thing, our default settings will help keep you informed and your data safe. Either way, you can set up your Zendesk to match the security needs of your business.

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