Do you really need a technical writer?

Published November 6, 2013
Last modified November 6, 2013

You may already know you need a great knowledge base, but you also know how busy everyone in your organization is. Who'’s going to take responsibility for keeping all that content up to date and and relevant for your users?

Technical writers are particularly skilled at writing documentation, but maybe you don'’t have the budget for a dedicated documentation role or the ability to dedicate any individual person or team’'s time to manage it. If you'’re wondering if you can spread the load across the team you already have, you’'re not alone.

There are two basic approaches to managing the content in your knowledge base:

  • A knowledge engineering approach requires subject matter experts or a dedicated technical writer or documentation team to write and review all the content before making it public.
  • A more demand-driven approach puts the production and maintenance of knowledge in the hands of the whole team with the support agents as the driving force.

Which approach is right for you, or can you have it both ways? Explore both approaches in our article: Do you really need a technical writer for your knowledge base?