Online Retailers Have a Lot to Lose

Published January 10, 2013
Last modified January 10, 2013

Given the fact that online spending has jumped from $29.7 billion in 2007 to a whopping $38 billion in 2011, it's clear that customers are embracing the online shopping experience faster than ever before (with no signs of that embracement waning — possibly ever). With that growth comes a steady stream of customer support requests, issues, and the like, and a customer base that's become deftly skilled at venting their customer support woes to their peers. For online retailers, having a bulletproof support strategy in place can no longer be an after thought.

And there's no time like the holidays to really prove that point. For most organizations, the holidays are the true test of any company's support team. The best way to prep: figure out just exactly what customers expect out of online support.