HR Tech week recap: Why we need to shift the HR mindset

Published October 11, 2016
Last modified October 11, 2016

Technological innovation inherently disrupts the status quo, and (usually) paves the path to better processes and systems—hopefully to improve people’s lives. Yet sometimes it becomes easy to forget the people who will be using new technologies.

That’s why the focus at HR Technology’s annual conference and expo, held last week in Chicago, focused on human-centered design, a framework that solves problems by involving the human perspective. HR Tech is the world’s largest expo of HR technology and services, and conference content this year drew attention to the danger of focusing on systems such as payroll, benefits, and HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) and less on the humans at the receiving end of those systems. Ironic, right?

While it’s important to adopt and use HR systems that allow you to scale, the HR mindset also needs to shift to promoting employee engagement and happiness—both are crucial to a company’s success.

An HR help desk can help bridge the gap between serving your employees and adopting technology that will free up time for HR staff to focus on strategic work. In fact, organizations that leverage an HR help desk are able to service 51 percent more employees, leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

We recently interviewed global HR leaders with help from Starr Conspiracy to learn more about the right way to balance technology and the human perspective.

Read the full report to see what they said, or check out our infographic for a quick overview.