Tip of the week: Sidebar Icon and Text apps for the new Zendesk

Published September 21, 2012
Last modified September 21, 2012

Note: As of March 2015, the Sidebar Icon app was updated to become the Iframe app.

With the launch of the new Zendesk comes the App framework. While several developers have already started writing apps of their own, there are two apps that everyone can use to easily bring features and functions from their back-end systems into the new Zendesk.

The Sidebar Icon app is designed to allow Zendesk agents to quickly flip to a website and then flip back to their tickets without interrupting their workflow. This can be especially useful if you use a page to look up things like orders or other data. The Text app simply takes any string of text and returns the data referenced from placeholders. While the Sidebar Icon app simply displays a web page, the Text app uses contextual information from the ticket such as requester email or ticket ID. Read the latest tip of the week to learn about these great apps.

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