SnapABug Puts Support Reps in the Customer’s Shoes

Published February 3, 2010
Last modified February 3, 2010

Zendesk provides you with a Dropbox that you can embed on your website and that gives your customers an easy and nearby way of providing you with instant feedback. Now SnapABug has taken the concept further and packed it with some useful additional features.

SnapABug cofounder and CEO Jerome Breche said SnapABug can be added to any website in a few simple steps. When a visitor hits “send” for help, SnapABug automatically captures and sends a screen shot -- so the support team can see that the customer is seeing. The widget also captures and sends additional information needed to resolve the issue quickly, such as operating system, browser, language -- even geographic location.


“Zendesk is now our most used integration,” said Jerome. “When we were considering help desk solutions, we shopped around and asked a lot of questions. All of the companies we talked to that used Zendesk said they absolutely loved the product and the service. Integrating with Zendesk was a no-brainer for us.”

“It was a fast and easy process to integrate and customize,” he said. “I particularly like Zendesk's ability to identify whether a user already exists in the system -- then the support team can view that history and other information that can further speed issue resolution.”

In addition to Zendesk's ease of use, Jerome said working with the Zendesk support team “was amazing during the integration and customization. They got back to me fast when I had a question.”

In addition of providing remote screen-captures, SnapABug also provides a solution for companies to chat in real time with their website visitors. When used with Zendesk, this solution places chat transcript directly into Zendesk, making it easier to interact and follow-up with visitors.

You can follow the instructions on how to set up the integration at SnapABug's web site and in our support forums.