Social customer service: can it really be done?

Published September 27, 2013
Last modified September 27, 2013

The voice of the customer is a force to be reckoned with. Social media empowers individual consumers to publicly praise or bash a product to the point where a single tweet can quickly become a priority-one scramble.

Everyone knows that social media is a new reality for customer service organizations, but how can businesses manage the pressure of supporting various online channels that didn’t even exist a few years ago? Oh, and do it with existing resources and without impacting customer satisfaction? Challenge: accepted.

In 2010, HootSuite and Zendesk combined forces to help companies manage their social media customer service interactions. Recent updates to the HootSuite-Zendesk integration add some nifty features to help you respond more efficiently to incoming tweets and keep your social media-savvy customer happy.

Our recent enhancements help you get more out of Zendesk and HootSuite by making it easier to track and route your social interactions from whichever app you’re in. For example, from within HootSuite, your social media manager can now convert a tweet to a Zendesk ticket, route it to the correct person or team in your company (like your support team), who can post directly back to Twitter by replying through Zendesk.

Imagine your social media manager routes a hot tweet to your support engineer by creating a Zendesk ticket through Hootsuite. The engineer finds a solution and posts his response in Zendesk, which then pushes directly out to Twitter. The customer gets a fast answer, and everyone moves quickly on to the next task without ever leaving the app they’re already working in.


You can also now view a live stream of your Zendesk tickets while in your HootSuite account. Now you can filter, search, edit, and comment on tickets directly from your HootSuite stream. Give your social media team more information by giving them a complete view of all of support-related conversations while still inside HootSuite.


Let’s face it: Social customer service isn’t going away. But if you arm your support team with the right tools—like Zendesk and HootSuite integrated together—you can confidently manage social tickets right alongside all the other support channels. Collaboration comes easily and so does customer happiness.

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