Story of Clive the support agent

Published August 5, 2009
Last modified August 5, 2009

"There is a happy ending after the tale of woe and despair. If you're a software company that needs to offer customer support and link to your own systems, read on! Our tale starts with an over-worked programmer, Clive, doubling up as support agent, slaving away on the helpdesk..."

That's how the Zenfession from Paul Curtis starts, recounting the story of Clive, an over-worked programmer doubling up as support agent, and how he discovers the path to enlightenment. It's a great story and we're thankful that Paul has made the effort of putting it together.

Zenfessions are shared customer experiences. Go check it out if you want to learn how other organizations have implemented and are working with Zendesk. And remember that you can share your Zenfession too. We'll throw in a one of the amazing Zendesk Buddha Machines or a Zendesk tee for the effort.

Thanks Paul and everybody else for sharing!