Let’s get personal! How to showcase your support team on your Help Center

Published April 3, 2015
Last modified April 3, 2015

It’s that day again. That day when you need help with a product or service. The day when you reach out to customer support for help. You tweet, you post on Facebook, you email, you chat, or you may even call.

But... who are you really talking to? What do they look like? The vision of this mystery helper has eluded many of us for quite a while. It might even keep you up at night—tossing and turning—wondering what that person on the other side of support really looks like? (I always imagine, depending on the situation, somewhere in between my sweet ol’ grandmother and the hot guy at the coffee house. But I digress…)

Fear not my friends. We have a solution. Well, not us per se, our customers have found a brilliant solution. Photos! We know, amazing right? Many of our customers are using photos of their actual, yes actual, support agents on their custom Help Center pages. But how, you may ask, did they do it? It’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1. Pick who to feature

Do you want to display your entire team?
Hootsuite did just that. On Hootsuite’s Help Center, they showcase their entire team on the cover image, even with their pups and a huge paper cutout of Colonel Chris Hadfield.

Hootsuite Help Center

Do you select a few people to feature on your cover photo?
The team over at Fiverr showcases a few people on their Help Center cover image. Plus, their Director of Customer Service, Ryan, says “Hi.”

fiverr Help Center

Do you showcase all of your agents individually with headshots and their names?
Check out School of Rock’s Help Center. Not only do they use photos to rock out, but all the members of their support band are featured.

School of Rock Help Center

 2. Add your brand personality

Think of your Help Center page as the storefront to your support center. Make people comfortable, so they sit back and enjoy themselves. Above all, help them find what they need.

Base CRM’s Help Center welcomes you with a big smile, helping you relax and feel at home. However, if you still need a little something extra to turn that frown upside down, scroll down. They have headshots of their customer service agents, and when you scroll over them… wait for it… we won’t spoil the surprise. Go see for yourself.

Base CRM Help Center

3. Check out how we can help you customize your Help Center

Who says your Help Center has to be boring? Not us! Check out the many ways we can help you add some fun to your support channel here.

You can also check out more examples on our Pinterest board or by searching #BestHelpCenters on Instagram.

Do you have a Help Center that you just <3? Let us know by tweeting us @Zendesk using the hashtag #BestHelpCenters.