Industry experts predict the future of retail customer service

Published February 24, 2016
Last modified February 24, 2016

Robot shopkeepers...hologram fitting rooms...what does the future of retail customer service look like? We asked industry experts to predict. Here's what consumers can look forward to in the coming years:

Omnichannel personalization
Adam Toporek predicts that consumers of the future will enjoy personalized support across a variety of channels.

Adam Toporek future of retail Zendesk

Help from AI
Laura Pappas sees a future where networks of connected devices self-regulate customer experiences.

Laura Pappas future of retail Zendesk

Advanced CX
Consumer decisions will increasingly be based on customer experience says Justin Robbins, not on price.

Justin Robbins future of retail Zendesk

Self-sufficient customers
Shep Hyken and Dave Dyson predict innovations in trouble shooting software to meet the growing customer demand for self-service.

Shep Hyken future of retail Zendesk

Dave Dyson future of retail Zendesk

Robo service
Marsha Collier sees a world where shoppers are helped by robotic sales people on pop-up kiosks.

Marsha Collier future of retail Zendesk

Brands that care
As the conscious consumer economy grows, Peter Shankman predicts that businesses will invest in being likeable.

Peter Shankman future of retail Zendesk

"Help us, customer support agent, you're our only hope"
Amy Higgins predicts that help will come in the form of holograms.

Amy Higgins future of retail Zendesk

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