The new Zendesk: speed

Published September 18, 2012
Last modified September 18, 2012

When dealing with customers, every second counts. So one of the biggest motivators behind the new Zendesk has been speed: how can we decrease the amount of time it takes to provide great customer service?

The short answer was to provide a single page application that is focused on efficiency and speed. Rather than flipping back and forth between various pages, the new Zendesk gives customer service agents access to a ticket and contextual information about the customer all from within one page. This provides reps with more of the information they need to help a customer without having to hunt around for it.

The improvements didn’t stop there. Features like keyboard shortcuts, instant search, and the ability to edit profiles on the fly, coupled with faster page loads give Zendesk users a faster, more efficient experience.

Customer service response time is extremely important, just take a look at this infographic. More than 80% of people expect a response from a company within 1 day of posting a question or complaint on Twitter. And almost half of those people expect to hear back within 30 minutes!

So we were very pleased when Tristan Hammond of Threadless told us this: "With Zendesk's new agent interface, I can shave about 10 seconds off each ticket." It might not seem like a lot, but that’s ten fewer seconds a customer has to wait for their issue to be resolved and ten fewer seconds the next customer has to wait. This is good news for the customer and great news for companies, especially our larger clients, some of whom receive up to 1,000,000 tickets a year. For them, shaving off ten seconds from each ticket equals more than 3,000 hours in a year.

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