Time to cozy up to these 9 new integrations

Published November 25, 2014
Last modified November 25, 2014

It’s that time again. (For sweaters and hot cocoa, yes, but also for exciting updates from our apps marketplace.) This month we’ve added nine new integrations. If you want a jump on holiday shopping, we’re pretty sure we’ve got an app to better connect your support team with nearly every aspect of your business.

Discover remarkable billing support with ChargeDesk. ChargeDesk improves the post-payment experience for your customers and merchants, helps cut chargebacks and churn, and integrates seamlessly with Stripe, Braintree, and WePay. With the ChargeDesk for Zendesk app, you can manage everything from customer charges, refunds, and subscription cancellations, and even view billing history for all of your customers, directly from Zendesk. You can even generate billing support pages and provide beautiful email receipts for any transactions.

Preact is a cloud-based customer success service that helps companies maximize customer lifetime value by reducing churn, acquiring new paid customers and increasing user revenues.  Preact provides health metrics tailored to each user and account by tracking detailed usage of web/mobile applications and server APIs. Using big analytics and customer usage, it predicts whether or not a customer is likely to churn, renew, or upgrade. With the Preact for Zendesk app, you can easily access all this information about your customers and accounts as you work on tickets, so you can custom tailor your conversations.

Intercom is the easiest way for web business to see and talk to their users. Intercom provides insight into who is using your product, and how they are using it, and makes it easy to reach out and proactively engage with the customer via targeted, behavior-driven emails and in-app messages. The Intercom for Zendesk app lets you see valuable user information from Intercom in your Zendesk ticket window so your support agents know who they are talking to, what they’ve been doing, and gives you the ability to turn conversations into tickets for easy follow up.

Aha! is the world’s #1 product roadmap software. Aha! helps your product and engineering teams with everything from strategic planning, release management, idea prioritization, feature definition, and more. The Aha! for Zendesk integration enables your support team to capture customer requests and convert them into ideas for review by the product team. As statuses change in Aha!, those pieces of information are displayed in Zendesk to help your support agents keep track of how a customer’s request progresses through development.

Talkdesk is call center software for enterprise companies of all sizes. Create a contact center in five minutes and give your team access to enterprise-level call center functionality from within the Zendesk interface by making use of the Talkdesk app for Zendesk. Easily make and receive phone calls from your browser, landline, or mobile phone and have full access to the caller’s contact information and interaction history. Screen pop a ticket when a call is answered and when a call is complete, and the ticket will automatically be updated with data and metrics around the call, helping to make your team more efficient.

Axosoft, the #1-selling Scrum software in the agile project management space, helps increase visibility across teams within your company and reduces the time spent managing features and issues. By integrating Axosoft Scrum and Axosoft Bug Tracker directly with Zendesk, your support team quickly gains visibility into the status of a feature or issue being worked on by your development team. Easily send an issue to your team in Axosoft from Zendesk and eliminate the duplicate effort of entering the details into both systems. Issues closed out in Axosoft can also be reflected in Zendesk. Your teams will be on the same page, with minimal work.

Synata is a wonderful tool that helps you search across all of the information you have in your enterprise applications. With the ability to connect to Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Google Drive, and (of course) Zendesk, Synata lets you search across platforms to find the content you’re looking for. You can instantly view related information about a customer and ticket from Synata. Access and search for relevant content from files, emails, wikis and more, from your Zendesk, to help agents solve tickets faster.

Zingtree makes it easy to build and deploy interactive decision tree troubleshooters. Your customers click buttons to answer questions, and your team receives individual or aggregated reports on how your troubleshooters are being used, leading to happier customers, smarter support reps, and more informed product teams. With the Zingtree for Zendesk app, if a customer opens a ticket after navigating a Zingtree troubleshooter, your support agents will see the entire session history of how they navigated the tree so that they don’t have to ask questions about what’s already been completed.

To give agents easier access to information, RedCritter has added three new apps to their existing set of tools. The RedCritter Feed gives agents real-time recognition and a rewards feed so they can check out their progress and achievements. The RedCritter Profiles app enhances agents’ Zendesk profiles to include badges, certs, skills and more, so the entire team can see individual agent accomplishments, encouraging peer-to-peer recognition. And with the RedCritter Rewards app, agents can redeem virtual currency earned through RedCritter for gift cards towards the store you’ve chosen for them.

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