Tip of the week: custom mobile CSS for Help Center

Published September 27, 2013
Last modified September 27, 2013

We recently launched a new version of the customer portal in Zendesk named Help Center. One of the primary points of focus when building Help Center was ensuring that it was as flexible and customizable as possible. We did away with "Extensions" and started giving you direct control over the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make the look and feel all yours. We also provided space for you to upload your own assets and reference them on the same domain to simplify including files.

Beyond just making customization of your Zendesk easier to understand, this change opened up a whole new world of possibilities for customizing your Zendesk. As a casual designer who dove headfirst into the modern mobile web there is one possibility in particular that cried out to me: media queries!

Using media queries is one of the most popular ways, and my favorite way, to tailor the design of your site to the resolution of the viewer's display window. There are many different ways to use them to achieve a responsive site design, and with this tip of the week I would like to demonstrate the basic concepts here with two similar methods.

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