Tip of the week: Setting up Zendesk for Trello Integration

By Ian De Jesus

Published February 16, 2016
Last modified February 16, 2016

Here's a tip for our Trello users. Zendesk Power-Up allows you to attach Zendesk tickets and views to Trello cards. Attach tickets to see quick summaries relevant to a card. Attach views to see high-level stats and summaries without jumping back and forth between tools.

In this tip, we'll cover:

Setting up the Zendesk Power-Up

  1. Functionality overview
  2. Integration requirements
  3. Enabling the Power-Up
  4. Authenticating with Zendesk

Using the Power-Up

  1. Removing Tickets and Views<
  2. Disabling the Power-Up

After covering these steps, you should be able to attach tickets and ticket views inside Trello cards.

Head to the forums for step-by-step instructions for each porting scenario

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