Readers’ choice: the customer service content top 10

Published December 30, 2014
Last modified June 29, 2020

As much as we like telling stories with words, numbers can tell a good story too. When it comes to the Zendesk blog, and other resources on our site, we review the metrics on a weekly and monthly basis to learn more about what interests our audience. We also ran the numbers for the entire year, curious to see whether the results might provide insight into what you’ll find most engaging in 2015, too.

And now, without further ado, here are the topics (and content) that rose to the top:

1. Hiring and managing customer service reps
In many ways, it’s no surprise that our 10 great interview questions and comprehensive advice on how to hire customer service reps topped the list for most viewed content. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 2.3 million customer service jobs in 2012, a number predicted to grow over the next 10 years.

2. Customer service benchmarking
Hooray! As much as we encourage our customers to use the data they collect through Zendesk to positively impact their business, we’re trying to do the same with our quarterly benchmark reports. Over the first three quarters we looked at whether companies who are data-driven actually perform better (spoiler alert: yes), explored how behavioral cues affect customer satisfaction, and focused in on what you can learn from your Net Promoter Score. Stay tuned for our Q4 report—we’re exploring alternatives to traditional industry categories to help you find the right kind of companies to benchmark yourself against.

3. The impact of customer service on customer lifetime value
As customer service professionals, we know that what we do impacts customer loyalty. The numbers also confirm that it’s far more cost effective to retain an existing customer than to recruit a new one. Yet communicating this to the higher ups remains a challenge, which is perhaps why research on the impact of customer service on customer lifetime value remains high on our list of popular downloads (as well as the blog post introducing the report and the infographic featuring the results).

4. Our Zopim acquisition
Anytime you expand your family, you hope people are excited. So when Zendesk acquired Zopim earlier this year, we were really happy to see engagement on our blog go through the roof. You can read the original announcement, or more about the Zopim Chat integration that followed. And let us know, are you thinking about proactive live chat in 2015?

5. Multi-channel and omnichannel support
In late 2013, we predicted that 2014 would be the year of omnichannel support and, indeed, providing seamless service across multiple channels was on a lot of service providers' minds throughout the year. We also spruced up our multi-channel support guide because, well, multi-channel is the first step to omnichannel.

6. Customer service skills, manners, and s*** support agents say
Who knew etiquette would rank in the top ten? While we wish this entire list could be as amusing as the Late Show with David Letterman’s Top Ten, this video is among our most popular all-time content because it’s really funny. (But you were also interested in the skill sets required for agents supporting different channels and global manners.)

7. Integrations and more integrations!
We’ve long known that content around Zendesk apps and integrations is of great interest to our customers, as well as to those who might be thinking about Zendesk. In 2014 we saw particularly high interest in our SurveyMonkey/MailChimp integration, as well as our monthly post introducing new apps to our marketplace.

8. Product news: Inbox
Although we launched Inbox in late September, this Q&A with Alex Aghassipour (the man behind Inbox, also a Zendesk co-founder and chief product officer), garnered as many reads as posts that were up all year long.

9. Top customer service books
Our best customer service books of 2013 roundup remained a popular post for all of 2014, so we planned ahead and will post another roundup in just a few days. (It helps, of course, when your CEO writes a book. It would be weird if we didn’t mention that, right?) Update: here's this year's book list!

10. Help Center tips
A few of you must have been building out your Help Center (high five!) because these 6 tips for building a thriving Help Center were well-read. Along these lines, we also published some tips and resources to help beautify your Help Center.

What we’d love most is to hear directly from you. Now, or throughout the coming year, click into any paragraph and leave us a comment! We’re ready and listening.