We’ve Been Watching You…And Improved Our Knowledge Base Accordingly

Published April 13, 2011
Last modified April 13, 2011

Our knowledge base is intended to be a bastion of information and knowledge for our customers. We want you to always get the most out of them. And after careful monitoring of our users' habits, we went ahead and reorganized our forums based on the information that you use most.

How did we do this? We used the handy tool that is Google Analytics. We saw that our most popular forums were located at the bottom of our knowledge base. Not good! So we moved all that stuff to the top. Simple logic based on your habits!

Whether its customers just starting a trial or some of our most advanced Zendesk users, the new organizational structure in our knowledge base is more streamlined and easier to use than it's ever been before.

On top of this, we’ve added a few new categories we're sure you'll find helpful:

First, we’ve created a Getting Started category. For all of our new trial customers, this is now the definitive resource center for Video Tutorials and other basic information to help understand the functionality of Zendesk.

Also making its debut is the Zendesk Glossary. This long awaited tool defines everything from Admin to Widget and can also be found in the Getting Started category. Soon, this category will include a "Guide to Getting Started," in addition to more content from our fantastic team of customer advocates.

We are also introducing tons of new content created by Anton de Young, our senior technical writer who is digging into our Using Zendesk category. As content is added, this will act as the much-anticipated “User Manual” and reflect any updates made along the way.

In the Support category, we’ve provided an area where customers can search for answers to frequently asked questions, browse official Zendesk tips, see all known issues within Zendesk, and find third party add-on services and integration partners for further customization.

Meanwhile, Community is the place for peer-to-peer Zendesk user interaction, and where you are able to make your voice heard. You can search for and add your own feature requests, find useful tips and tricks from the community, get more advanced with the API and Extras forum, and volunteer to be a beta tester all within this category.

Hey, if you click, we'll listen. Love your knowledge base!