How Yammer Supports 50,000+ Networks and Collects Customer Feedback

Published February 22, 2010
Last modified February 22, 2010

Yammer delivers Twitter-style messaging for companies -- enabling employees to communicate and collaborate with one another without worrying that those conversations will be viewable to, or searchable by, non-employees.

Anyone in an organization with a company email account can start or join a Yammer network and also invite colleagues. The privacy of each network is ensured by limiting access to those with a valid company email address.

Information is never shared with third parties, according to Yammer. And best of all basic Yammer service is free. Companies can pay to claim and administer their networks, however.

Zendesk sat down recently with Steve Apfelberg, vice president of marketing, and customer support manager Phil Spitzer.

Steve said Yammer turned to Zendesk as the company's support solution because it needed an agile, streamlined -- and hosted -- help desk for its 50,000+ networks. In addition to giving customers a delightful customer experience, Phil said Zendesk enables the flow of important user feedback that he shares with the product and engineering teams.

Join Phil live this Wednesday (Feb. 24) in a free webinar at 9:30am PST along with Zendesk's own Adria Richards to learn how to increase communication and transparency with employees, and how Zendesk integrates with Yammer.