Sophomore year at Zen U. – Still majoring in customer happiness

Published February 21, 2014
Last modified February 21, 2014

The College of Customer Happiness at Zen U. is back in session. After an exciting and successful first year, we've decided to make these popular events available to our friends across the globe. That's right, our second year's schedule includes visiting cities around the world to continue the tradition of training, tips, and tricks for new and returning students.

Zen U. is about learning, asking questions, and meeting others who are as passionate about creating lasting relationships with their customers as you are. Even Zen U. alumni should not consider cutting class: This year’s content is brand new and there will be even more chances to interact with our Zendesk professors, product experts, and fellow students throughout the day.

We want to help you use Zendesk to reach your customer service goals, and we want you to go home feeling inspired, enabled, and empowered. We hope you'll then be able to help your customers more easily and in new ways, and this fosters a better customer service environment for everyone.

Zen U. is open to all Zendesk customers, as well as anyone interested in learning more about customer service, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned expert. Remember to continue checking the Zen U. calendar, we’ll be adding new cities every week.

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Check out these student quotes from Zen U. 2013:

"It's very cool to hear firsthand what other people are doing. And also getting some advice, how we can get the most out of it from the top professionals in the industry." -Trevor, TaskRabbit

"I came to Zen U. because I was very interested in learning about Zendesk's best practices. I use Zendesk to track all of our customer interactions and I want to make sure that I'm on the latest in terms of what I know about how to best use the system." -Christina, Zuora

"I'm here today because I've never done any training with Zendesk. And I sort of had the feeling like I've scratched the surface and I know what I know. But I don't know what's behind that. And I'm kind of looking forward to learning a little bit more about the service and the product and seeing other ways that I can use that to make things better in my organization." Dale, Beats Music

"Personally, something I'm taking away from Zen U. is that I need to dig down into the program more. Because there are features that I never knew existed...some of them are just awesome." -Jeanna, BPR Properties

"I like hearing the questions that are in the audience. I think they're really insightful. I also like getting sort of that in-depth look at the product itself and some of the new developments that are coming our way." -Mara, DODOcase