Zendesk Announces Support for OpenID

Published January 20, 2008
Last modified January 20, 2008


Today's update brings OpenID support to Zendesk.

OpenID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. It is aimed at solving the problem of Web single sign-on. If you struggle with keeping track of different usernames and passwords at different websites where you have an account, OpenID can help you. With OpenID you will be assigned a standard username that you can use on all sites that support OpenID, here amongst Zendesk.

The advantages of OpenID should be obvious. Especially if your end-users are clients that you primarily deal with on the internet. For them OpenID is something that will make using your help desk even easier.

If you operate an internal help desk for your own organization, you can use OpenID to bridge your internal identity systems (e.g. Active Directory) with your web based systems (such as Zendesk) leveraging true single sign-on. You can maintain your own OpenID identity provider server, or synchronize your user database to one of the existing providers. OpenID has gained a lot of traction and also Microsoft has announced their backing.

Please visit OpenID's web site for further information and resources. For guidance on how to benefit from enabling OpenID in your Zendesk account, feel free to contact us.