Game of Codes: Summer is coming

Published May 11, 2015
Last modified May 11, 2015

Friends, Romans, Zendesk Users, lend me your headsets, for today we celebrate the second annual Zendevian Cup!

Once a year Zendesk employees from around the globe engage in an epic battle of skill and creativity. This 24-hour hackathon challenges groups from every part of the company to come together in teams to build something—anything—on top of Zendesk. Last year, 375 Zendevian athletes built 61 apps, integrations and other features. After a vote, the best creations were made available to our customers in Zendesk Labs.

We love innovation here at Zendesk. Some of our coolest innovations happen when folks outside of product development take the reins and build on top of our platform. We believe that it helps our office culture to get together and create in this way. The challenge is to do everything in a very tight, 24-hour timeframe with nothing but your wits…and some coffee. A lot of coffee.

This year, we’re all very excited to get back into the arena and make some more awesome Zendesk add-ons. Teams this year are working on a bunch of new and creative ideas. Submissions will likely range from highly practical to off-the-wall craziness. Apps in our marketplace today include everything from the Stock Exchange app to the Chuck Norris app. We can only guess what our awesome teams will build this year, but we can guarantee that they’ll be exciting.

Check out the best of the best from our inaugural Zendevian Cup:

  • Proactive Tickets app allows agents to proactively communicate with customers and automatically create tickets for them.
  • Tag Locker helps you manage and modify tag usage and keep the tags clean.
  • Giphy lets you to easily add a GIF to your ticket.
  • Back@Ya allows agents to rate customers on a five-star scale.

We encourage everyone to build on our platform as well. The Zendesk API is available online for you to create your own apps and integrations, which could even make it into Zendesk Labs! (Plus, you’ll have more than 24-hours to develop your app.)

Check out what’s in the Zendesk Labs today

Please note: Zendesk Labs is a testing ground for some cool experimental tools put together by the Zendesk development community. While they are subject to change and have various levels of support, they do provide some pretty cool features that may someday make it into the marketplace as official apps. Make sure you read over the disclaimer when installing the app.