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Sales Chat Software

Sales chat software

Increase sales with chat software

What do we want? Sales! When do we want them? Now! It's easy to encourage your agents to boost sales, but are you providing them with the tools they need to increase conversions? That's when Zendesk Chat comes in.

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Zendesk Chat, part of the Zendesk family of products, gives agents the ability to reach out to customers in real time. This live chat software is a quick and effective way to answer customer questions, increasing their happiness, and leading to more sales.

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With Chat, visitors to your website or mobile app enjoy:
  • Proactive chats - answer their questions before they even know they have any
  • Customer support - solve problems by sharing files, including screen shots, animated GIFs, or product guides
  • 24/7 customer service access - leave Offline Forms enabled to ensure customers can contact you when you're away

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Neither your brand, nor your company can afford to lose sales due to ineffective customer service. Sign up for a free trial of Chat today and see how having the right software makes for happier customers — and a happier bottom line.

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