Push message app

Read their minds with a push messaging app
You had me at hello. Learn how to deliver powerful push notifications before they even ask. It's actionable analytics that is designed for better engagement. Better understanding. At a time when customers are inundated with automated messages, shift the focus of push notifications from quantity to quality.

Know thy audience

To proactively support and engage with push messaging app you first must know thy audience. Zendesk Connect + Outbound connects your customer information to provide a unified view of timelines, events, and conversations.

Notify the right person in the right place at the right time

Open up endless possibilities for running proactive campaigns that offer real value. Use Connect to segment customers based on their user profile or behavior, and design personalized notifications to the right person.

Measure impact, response, and effectiveness of your notifications. Outbound automates and delivers relevant messages to the right place—across the web, Android and iOS devices, email, and mobile channels.

Five reasons to proactively message customers

Onboard new users

Create segments of customers based on behavior or profile and proactively send targeted messages. This can be a great way to welcome new customers, provide tips for getting started, share resources they might want to check out, or offer a promotion.

Nurture existing customers

Don’t love new customers and then leave them. Instead, segment existing or long-time customers and nurture them with suggestions or best practices, special promotions, or request their feedback. Relationships are a long game, after all.

Share news

With the ability to proactively send information, you can easily announce new products or features as they come available, provide news updates, or give customers a heads up when there’s a change to your site.

Mitigate issues before they happen

Get ahead of customer tickets by contacting the customer before they are affected by service updates, planned outages, or known issues.

Segment, segment, segment

Upsell, cross-sell, convert to a new plan. By segmenting customers based on what product or plan they’re currently using, you can easily offer the next level plan, or an add-on product, to the most relevant group of buyers at a time when they’re ready or most likely to expand.

Let them know they really can depend on you. Try Connect + Outbound for free, today.