Big Data Software

Big data software

Integrate big data software with your customer support platform
What if your support team could read your customer's minds? How much better would they be able to provide a magical solution—in a fraction of the time? We all know big data software provides us analytics like never before. (Thank you Hadoop). But imagine those analytic details being in the hands of every single support agent within your enterprise. Hmmmm.

Roll out your welcome wagon

Zendesk Explore lets you easily share analyses and dashboards with your entire organization, partners, or customers, so everyone can work together to improve the customer experience. You can also get reports delivered right to your inbox, or even alerts in your Slack channel (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Countless customer data sources

Customers reach out for different reasons—researching your website, testing your product, or when they’re having trouble. Explore helps you bring together data from every step of that journey—and across every Zendesk product—so you can understand and improve their experience.

Zendesk Explore enables anyone to create custom metrics, reports, and dashboards, and even perform data joins—without SQL. Data gets turned into meaningful analyses with point-and-click functions and visualization styles.

  • Measure your team’s performance, as well as their workload capacity
  • Learn how your customers use your website, products, or support channels
  • Prescriptive dashboards showcase the analyses that matter most for team operations and customer experience
  • The easy-to-use interface and interactive drill-ins surface valuable insights that our own customers ask for most

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