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Customer Segmentation Tools

Customer segmentation tools

Daydreaming about cloud customer segmentation tools

Unless you know how to use and do analysis on marketing data to improve your business, it’s meaningless. With Zendesk Explore, we spend a lot of time daydreaming about customer segmentation tools and ways to create data that's meaningful. Here is just one of our daydream trips (and four more if you wish).

Analytics, not anecdotes

Use your dream catcher to capture customer segment data
  • When a key metric, like customer satisfaction, starts to lag, it’s obvious you need to change something. But what? Slicing key metrics by customer segment allows you to view and pinpoint the source of the problem. Then target improvements for that specific customer base. Much easier than trying to raise the metric across the entire customer base!
  • Segmentation can be based on which products they own, their geography, or the history of their interactions—as long as the segment is defined by some important trait that could make customers behave differently from the baseline.

Você sabia?

At Zendesk, we capture (Yes. In our dream catcher) customer segments in custom organization fields. This approach lets us bring data like the customer’s plan type and help desk size into Zendesk Explore, where we can view and analyze metrics like customer satisfaction, time to first reply, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) across our most important customer segments. When one segment begins to fall behind in performance, it’s a clue about what questions to ask next.

Próximas etapas

Stop dreaming. If you really want to put your company data to work, customer segmentation tools can take you a long way. Check out our playbook on customizing Zendesk Explore to read more about techniques to add context to your customer data.

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