Hosted Help Desk: The Heart of Great Support

What is a hosted help desk?

A hosted help desk is a SaaS application that runs on the cloud instead of the company server, allowing businesses to set up a help desk without installing or configuring any software. The result is a better customer experience, increased agent productivity, more efficient ticket management, and vastly improved security.

Zendesk grows with your customers, allowing you to provide them with the best possible support without taxing your IT team or forcing your agents to work in a single, centralized location.

Uma abordagem diferente

Before the advent of hosted help desk software, on premise was the only solution for companies wishing to provide online customer support. This led to many problems, including:
  • Over-reliance on IT teams. The need for internal teams to install, update, configure, and troubleshoot on-premises software creates strain on IT teams, leaving less time to focus on other work.
  • Centralized support teams. On-premises software runs on the company’s servers, which often requires that company’s support team to work from a single centralized location, something that is not conducive to providing global support. Even when companies can provide support via multiple locations, on premise software can often lead to siloed data.
  • Subpar customer experiences. In addition to not being able to provide global support, the lack of a web based help desk means customers are often forced to request support from the help desk via the company’s chosen channel, such as a web-form or email, rather than the customer’s preferred one.
  • Poor security features. Hosted help desks typically have higher security standards than on premise, leading to better protection of sensitive data.

Você sabia?

While the above issues were surely headaches for the companies they were able to live with them. However, new realities like the increasing customer expectations, the rising demands on internal IT teams, and a growing global marketplace have created the need for a much better approach. Software as a service (SaaS) or web based help desk software can alleviate many of the issues associated with on its on premise counterpart:
  • Be there for your customers. Give your customers support on their terms. Hosted help desk software is much easier to update and integrate with other systems, making it possible to provide support on whatever channels your customers use.
  • Get the most from your agents. A web based help desk lives in the cloud, meaning all support teams, no matter where they are, can access the same data, giving them all the context they need to give high quality, seamless support to customers all over the world.
  • Give IT a break. Hosted help desk software is largely managed independently of internal IT teams, making it possible to install, update, and integrate with other cloud-based software, such as a ticketing system, without relying on IT for help.
  • Improved security. A web based help desk means companies can provide support without having to lift firewalls on their internal servers. Hosted help desks run independently on secure, enterprise level servers.

No momento certo

Any business that wants to provide its customers with great support should take advantage of the benefits of a hosted help desk. If you’re an enterprise with a large, global customer base, it will allow you to provide a consistent experience to customers regardless of when or from where they contact you. If you’re a growing company, using a web based help desk will allow you to efficiently scale your support and enable you to provide your customers with a superior experience, leading to better customer loyalty.
An example of a hosted help desk software by Zendesk.

Como o Zendesk pode ajudar

Zendesk gives you all of the benefits of a hosted help desk. We offer data locality, meaning you can choose the location of your data center. We also provide you with advanced security, including SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and single sign on for web and mobile. Zendesk grows with your customers, allowing you to provide them with the best possible support without taxing your IT team or forcing your agents to work in a single, centralized location. Zendesk Help Desk also lets companies provide a knowledge base, allowing for customer self-service.

Give your customers the best: choose a hosted help desk

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