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Introducing the next evolution of our way of working

Publicado 30 de junho de 2022

Like most companies, Zendesk’s offices around the world were thriving work hubs prior to the pandemic and were central to how we worked, connected, and collaborated. But also like most companies, the pandemic changed (nearly) everything.

Zendesk was one of the first companies to pivot our entire global workforce to completely remote work in February 2020, and as this became everyone’s new reality we continued to embrace this shift and began our journey as a digital first company. Working remotely has allowed us to grow globally, become more inclusive, and engage diverse talent from all over the world.

When we set out on our journey to become a digital first company, we anticipated that while some of our roles would remain fully remote, the majority of our people would remain working in the office at least 2 days a week. However, after listening to our employees, through surveys and our digital first crews around the world, we made the decision to evolve our digital first way of working further to offer increased flexibility and choice.

Digital first is the Zendesk way of working

Industry research suggests 76 percent of workers want flexibility in where they work and 96 percent want flexibility in when they work. Zendesk employees told us they too wanted similar choices, and we know that flexibility is the future – flexibility to work from home, whether that’s from where they call home now, or even from another location for part of the year.

To evolve our digital first way of working, we will prioritize remote work for all of our employees. We’ll work hard to be together while apart, and be purposeful about bringing people together in person – to connect, create, learn, and celebrate. Our spaces will reflect this and will be updated to support connection and collaboration, with some areas for focused work.

By aligning to our digital first principles, we’ll work as a team and trust in each other’s commitment and productivity. We know great work happens anywhere, and it’s important our employees have the flexibility, support and choice as to how and where they work.

We want our people to feel valued and supported, and this evolution of our digital first way of working continues on our commitment. Some of the benefits we offer include:

  • Reimbursement for home office equipment, home internet, and cell phone plans;

  • A FlexOffice program that gives employees access to a shared workspace, such as WeWork, when home may not be available or to provide the quiet or privacy they need;

  • “Work from anywhere in the world” for up to 90 days per year; and

  • Provide for everyone to disconnect, rest, and relax one day a month via Recharge Fridays

We know that one-desk-doesn’t-fit-all, and that keeping our values of inclusivity, trust, purpose, simplicity, humblidence, and community are paramount to maintaining the culture that employees are proud of and the reason people want to work here.

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