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Grievance Redressal System

Grievance redressal system

Usher in a beautifully simple grievance redressal system
Many grievances are lodged due to lack of awareness. The GOI initiative in India enables every citizen to virtually reach the office concerned to lodge a complaint and file a grievance. Zendesk Support offers a grievance redressal mechanism that is simple for officers to use and never lets a complaint slip through the cracks.

Support enables governments to do away with the cumbersome portals and respond to public complaints in a timely manner. Automatically forward emails to the officer with the correct authority. Receive requests from every channel, in multiple languages, with all the information that is related to each grievance.

What does Zendesk help you do?

Enable citizens to lodge a grievance online

Take action without delay. Monitor the redress of grievances. Disseminate information related to public grievances.

Reduce lost complaints

Eliminate manual/physical forwarding of emails. Automatically reply to common grievances. Enable citizens to track the status of their complaints.

Receive requests from any channel

Priorities, track and solve from a single interface. Automatically update your knowledge base from your system.

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