AI ticketing

Effective AI ticketing translates routine tasks into efficient communication

Agents will commonly receive menial customer inquiries such as requests for subscription downgrades or cancellations. Agents get bogged down by low-level routine tasks could benefit from an AI-powered assistant that can quickly point customers towards the answer they’re looking for. That's where Zendesk Support comes in.

Em primeira mão

Most people think of chatbots when it comes to machine learning in customer service (as they should, since they’re all the rage at the moment), but don’t forget about your other support channels. A well-rounded approach to customer service means customers can communicate their issues in different ways. Machine learning is already being applied to self-service initiatives beyond chat, but we’ll soon see it a lot more in social media, texting, email, and phone support services.

Como funciona

Zendesk Support offers, AI tools for customer service, that focus on the customer’s journey and the workflows of support staffs. We’ve highlighted some of the potential innovations coming to customer service by way of machine learning:

  • Chatbot support: Support agents won’t be as bogged down with low-level duties, like password resets, and can focus more on bigger and more complex initiatives
  • Multichannel support: Recognize a common issue that’s best resolved through a particular channel and seamlessly direct customers towards it
  • Better resolution times: Make representatives more readily available to handle tougher issues that the robots can’t

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Reduce ticket volume and increase employee productivity. Come explore an Artificial Intelligence application that automates customer service and automatically learns and evolves from each new interaction and improves with time.