Customer care system

Customer service is at the heart of the relationship with your customers

There is no better opportunity to create a loyal happy customer than in the moment they make the first contact with your business. That first question, that first concern is the alert to your business that now is "Go Time," and once it has passed you can't simply go back. Customers are at the heart of your business and providing top-notch customer service makes their heart skip a beat.

Your customer service agents need the most powerful and dynamic software tools at their fingertips- whether your customer contacts you via email, chat, phone call or tweet. That's where Zendesk Support comes in.

Em primeira mão

Zendesk Support is a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing and solving customer support tickets. It puts all your customer information in one place. Everything your agents need lives in a single location. Communication between you and your customer is efficient, personal, and relevant.

Você sabia?

Support provides clear visibility into all your customer interactions. Personalized service requires greater context. Using Support's customer analytics and machine learning capabilities, you can better understand and predict customer satisfaction, uncover actionable insights, and measure performance across your data.

Aproveite os benefícios

Zendesk Support offers these powerful and dynamic features:

  • Make It Yours: Designed to be flexible. Configure any workflow, from the simplest to the most complex, extend your agent's help desk with hundreds of available apps, or design customizations with our API
  • Speedy Installation: Set-up takes days, not months, which means less training for agents and happier teams overall
  • Powerfully Productive: With effective tools for collaboration, automation, and information gathering, your agents will be set up for success

Próximas etapas

With Zendesk Support, agents have everything they need at the ready for "Go Time." Your customers will notice. Contact us today to try a free trial today and experience the power of the entire Zendesk family of products.