Increases Your Sales: A Forecasting Software Tool

Reliable revenue predictions, increased pipeline visibility and cutting edge forecasting tools.

Accurately anticipate revenue with Zendesk Sell's forecasting tools. Machine learning identifies and adjusts for deal-level trends, giving you confidence in your numbers and a clear view into your team's pipeline.

Close Rate Prediction

Know when to expect revenue. Sell learns which attributes lead to a delay in deal closure and uses this information to suggest an appropriate close date for each deal, removing the guesswork from forecasting.

Conversion Estimation

Remove bias from your forecasts with conversion rate predictions. Sell leverages historical pipeline conversion data to guide reps on which deals are likely to close and where they may be overly optimistic.

Pre-Built Forecast Reports

Sell makes forecasting accessible with comprehensive reports designed to turn thousands of deals into a simple, visual representation of predicted revenue over time.

Goals and Quotas

Set a benchmark for each team member's performance and drive productivity with Sell. Create monthly, quarterly or annual sales revenue goals for your team so that every member can strive toward their goals with transparency and purpose.

Take sales forecasting to the next level with Sell

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