ITIL help desk

Improve incident management with an ITIL help desk
An ITIL help desk brings established best practices to the way companies manage incidents and service requests. ITIL is a set of standards that organizations can follow to provide IT service management (ITSM) to their internal customers, and ITIL help desk software provides the needed structure.

Zendesk Support is designed with the ITIL goals of restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimizing the adverse effect of incidents on business operations. It offers the full range of ITIL service desk functions.

An ITIL help desk is different

All companies need to deal with IT incidents. They know that users will need help with IT problems, so they create and staff a simple help desk to assist internal customers in configuring assets like printers, software and hardware. Then, over time, they see that each incident has a lifecycle with repeatable processes. Instead of simply logging and dealing with a configuration problem, they apply a system of ITIL practices for detecting, classifying, investigating and resolving it.

This system of incident management eventually develops into a full service desk that can anticipate problems and service requests. ITIL processes offer a framework for full IT service management, including asset management, problem management, knowledge base and change management. Instead of troubleshooting IT incidents ad hoc, the ITIL help desk, aided by ITIL help desk software, becomes the ITIL service desk, based on the ITSM concept of full management of IT as a service.

The whole organization benefits

Logging incidents and service requests as tickets in a software solution with automated processes and workflow is a sign of maturity in ITSM. The service desk becomes recognized as the single point of contact between IT users and service providers in the enterprise.

Users know that they have access to all the solutions and expertise of an ITIL help desk committed to service level agreements (SLA). Management knows that IT's goals are aligned with those at the level of the overall business. And by turning the IT help desk into a full service desk, IT gets out of the business of one-off asset repair. The service desk paves the way for features like incident management, asset management, problem management, knowledge management, configuration management, service catalog and the self-service portal.

ITIL is ready now

ITIL spans all levels of ITSM, ready for companies at any level of maturity to get started. ITIL service desk software provides the framework, automation and service management needed to process end users' requests for assets, configuration and troubleshooting. The software also enforces ITIL guidelines and practices to keep IT in compliance.

Zendesk Support is the ideal way for any company to start automating its ITSM support. With the ITIL framework baked into the software, Support provides full ticketing and service desk features to address customer requests. It offers integration to everything else needed for front-line customer service, including knowledge base, social media, incident resolution and call center functions.

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The benefits of an ITIL help desk are almost unlimited. Learn more about how it can help you give your customers the best IT support: