Deliver a fantastic self-service experience with the feature packed and incredibly flexible Astro Theme.
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Offering the most effective tools to get users the content they need. Astro Theme provides great configurability through its easy to use settings, and empowers users to find the answers they need with great ease. Astro Theme delivers the following benefits:

  1. User Friendly - No Code Configuration

  2. Responsive - Designed for any Device

  3. Easy to Deploy - Simply Upload the Theme and adjust it to suit

  4. Business Branding - Easily modify colors, styles, fonts and images to suit your business

  5. Express Navigation - Users can navigate to where they need to get to quickly via the dynamic side-bar

  6. Home Page Quick Answers - High volume questions can be answered directly on the home page

  7. Self Service par excellence - Drive down ticket volumes whilst delivering great customer experiences using our best practices

Homepage features

a preview of the homepage in a dark and light mode - Popular Articles: Highlights key articles or sections to address your high volume queries quickly and easily. Supports photos and icons. Features optional description text and button.

  • Homepage FAQ Accordion: Answer the simple questions at speed on the Home Page! Set up to 5 questions and answers. Each answer can contain a custom link, body content and will accept formatted HTML.

  • Featured Category Tiles: Five different ways to display the category tiles. Featuring two options for displaying dynamic category tiles which show a preview of the contained sections and articles on click.

  • Active Layouts: Control which sections are active, and the order of each section on the page.

Article Features

an example of the dynamic sidebar

  • Dynamic tree menu sidebar: showing all articles, sections and categories. Enables customers to quickly explore the Help Centre.

  • In This Article Section: Auto-generated headers links allowing quick navigation to key parts of an article.

Style features

an example of the theme being branded as a fictional spicy food restaurant

  • Easily change the colors, fonts, box corners.

  • Set Category images and icons and manually set popular articles.

  • Color boxing mode shows additional background color behind the main content.

  • Header and Footer controls color separately.

Other Features

  • Announcement bar: A custom bar which can appear on the home page and new request page to let your users know of any critical information. Perfect for when there is an upcoming holiday or service disruption

  • Footer CTA bar: An easy to edit simple section for providing your customers a link to contact (or anything else). Designed to be placed at the bottom of the page it ensures your users are navigating through all of the provided content before providing them the option to submit a ticket.

  • Translation enabled: All home page custom elements can be controlled through dynamic content allowing an easy to manage translations.

  • Search recommendations: Manually insert your most common search terms to allow users a quick way to explore search results without typing.

  • Up to date: We're regularly updating Astro Theme to ensure it's the best it can be! Last updated on July 2024.

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